Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - The Pet Sitter, LLC!
Based in Boise, ID - Julie Fredrick and her team bring professional pet care to the Treasure Valley!
Michael Grenier
August 20, 2018
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - Pet Sitting 4 Paws!
This week's Client Spotlight is shining on Meghan Breidenbach and her great team at Pet Sitting 4 Paws!
Product Updates Design Upgrades to Packages
We've made it even easier for customers to redeem visits from their package!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Using Bulk Invoicing to Apply Credits and Open Payments
Bulk Invoicing makes the process of applying credits and open payments simple and quick!
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - Happy Panters
This week's Client Spotlight is shining on Latoya Barker and the team at Happy Panters!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - View Time Off on Scheduler
The ability to view staff time off right on your Scheduler makes it easier to plan your day!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Client History Tab
Keeping track of changes in a client's profile is easy with the Client History Tab!
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - High 5 Pet Care
Based in Las Vegas - High 5 Pet Care and owner Marc Colucci are up next in our Client Spotlight!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Random Key Codes
Random Key Codes are a quick and convenient way to label your keys in Time To Pet!
Running Your Pet Business Should You Grandfather in Old Pet Sitting Clients When Raising Your Rates?
After deciding to increase your rates - the next question is should you grandfather existing clients in at the old rates?
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - Reigning Cats & Dogs, Inc.
We are very excited to feature one of the largest and most successful pet care companies in the country this week!
Product Updates System Notification Messages + Updates to View Past Requests
Our next update includes a new type of notification message and the ability to see your "Unavailable Notes" for a service order request.
Running Your Pet Business 10 Must Have Pet Sitting Website Pages
Your website is one of your most important tools in gaining new clients. Here are some pages you should include!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Pet Birthday Reminders
Can't remember all of the birthdays for your pet clients? Just enable the Pet Birthday Reminder tool!
Client Spotlight Client Spotlight - The Pet Squad!
Our next client spotlight is shining on an incredible company with an incredible story.
Product Updates Updates to Client Reporting, Bulk Update & Daily Summary
We are excited to announce some updates to Reporting, to Bulk Updating and to the Daily Summary!

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