Some Data on Tips in Time To Pet

Late last week, we got a very interesting question from one of our clients. This customer asked if we had any data on the volume and/or frequency of tips in Time To Pet. It was a great question and unfortunately, we didn't have the answer right away but we were intrigued! We dug into our data and we were able to come up with the numbers.

To better understand this data, it's helpful to understand the different type of payments in Time To Pet. There are three main ways that payments can be processed.

  1. Customers can make cash or check payments on invoices (or any method outside of our system) and the invoice is marked as manually paid by an admin or office manager.
  2. Clients can make credit card/ACH payments directly to their invoices. This can be done in the Client App as well as on the Client Portal.
  3.  Invoices can be processed directly by an Admin as long as the customer has given the admin authorization. For Admin-initiated payments, tips are rarely included (since the admin is the one processing the payment) so we will exclude info on these types of payments from our data.

That leaves us with two types of payments. Cash/check payments and credit card/ACH payments made by a client.

The average invoice paid via cash/check is $121.91. The average number of cash/check invoices that include a tip are 5.5% (this is the most important figure). The average tip percentage is 13.62% and the average tip size is $20.67.

Data on Cash/Check Tips

Now for invoices paid by the client through the App or Portal, the average invoice size is $116.82 (slightly less than cash/check invoices). However, the average number of invoices that include a tip are 32.74% (almost 6 times as much as cash/check payments). The average tip percentage is 14.31% and the average tip size is $18.16.

Data on Credit Card/ACH Tips

To really understand this data, let's take a look at 100 average invoices paid by cash/check and 100 average invoices paid by credit card/ACH. Of the 100 invoices paid by cash/check, only 5.5 of those would receive a tip. For the 100 invoices paid by credit card/ACH, 32.74 of those would receive a tip. That leads to $113.69 in cash/check tips generated and $594.56 in credit card/ACH tips.

Comparison of 100 "Average" Invoices

In Conclusion

Let's break all of this data down into it's simplest form. For every $100 paid by credit card or ACH using the Client App or the Client Portal --- $5.09 is left as a tip. This compares to only $0.93 in tips when a payment is made via cash or check for every $100 paid.

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