Time To Pet has helped us grow exponentially. We could not have achieved our level of success without this software as its helped us streamline scheduling and improve communications between our clients, our office, and our teams. We believe the platform’s features make us, by far, more professional than other companies who use conventional dashboards. They are software gurus constantly developing and improving the platform based on user feedback. This decision was a good one.


Susan A.

The Pet Gal

Time To Pet has significantly enhanced the customer communication process. First, it gave me a reason to reach out to ALL my customers and say, “I’m switching pet sitting software, please activate your account!” As a result of the increased communication, I’m finding that a lot of former one-time clients have called us for new services and we are busier than ever.

Jessica F.jpg

Jessica F.

Bright Star Pet Services

Time To Pet has honestly revolutionized how we do business… My sitters can work much more independently because they have ongoing access to customer and pet information without relying on me… I save hours upon hours of administrative time on billing, processing payments, and generating paychecks.

Clare S.jpg

Clare S.

Acton Critter Sitters

Time To Pet has helped me become more organized, passionate about what I do and it surprises my new and returning clients with how convenient and easy to use the system is. The software is affordable, I can access it on the go with my iPhone and the support team is always there when I need advice!

Alexa R.jpg

Alexa R.

The Pug Mom

I can’t believe I survived without Time To Pet! I wanted scheduling software because I was having trouble keeping our schedules straight! Scheduling is now a breeze! All of the other features are just icing on the cake to me!

Rochelle B..jpg

Rochelle B.

Pawsitive Purfection

I used to spend hours and hours on the weekends scheduling, invoicing and tracking expenses. After the initial setup I now spend under an hour doing my schedule for the whole week. That’s including invoicing all of my clients!

Katherine D.jpg

Katherine D.

While Away Dog Walking

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Time To Pet has been a total game changer for us. It has helped us streamline many aspects of our operation from scheduling and communication, to billing and customer management. We actually tested other pet sitting softwares in the past but these other solutions were clunky and riddled with problems. Everything in Time To Pet has been so well thought out, it's intuitive and feature rich, and always improving.


Dan S.

NYC Pooch

Time To Pet has been a dream come true for our business and our clients. It is quite obvious this software was developed by a team who understands the needs & challenges of professional pet sitting companies.

Shelley and Greg H..jpg

Shelley & Greg H.

Perfect Pets

With Time to Pet, we have everything in one place… That meant I had more money to invest in promoting one of my employees to a management position and getting her trained. Now she runs the daily operations of the company like a pro and I’m able to focus on sales and growth!

Sarah C.jpg

Sarah C.

Sarah's Pet Care Revolution

Time to Pet has made a night and day difference in our business. Before Time to Pet I was running everything through separate programs. I had my revenue and client list in Google Docs, I was putting all our appointments on iCal, and I was creating my own invoices. It was so disorganized and nothing was linked. Time to Pet has brought everything to one seamless system!

Chris H.jpg

Chris H.

Atlantic Pet Sitting

We are super happy with the transition to Time To Pet! My staff loves it, I love it, and most importantly, clients love it. Time To Pet’s support staff has ALWAYS been prompt at answering my questions when I first got started. I was (still am!) impressed with their responsiveness!

Kristal L.jpg

Kristal L.

From The Paws Up

Time To Pet has changed everything about my business. Primarily, it has helped me be more organized and provided me with a way to easily on-board new clients, take their requests, and schedule employees. Time to Pet is the app I’ve been looking for and I’m so glad I found it!

Kerylin M.jpg

Kerylin M.

Dog Tired Adventures

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Becoming a Time to Pet client has been a game-changer for us. We can give our pet services clients real-time, cloud-based information they never imagined they’d be interested in, and most importantly to me personally, I can better manage my company and look forward more. And not a small thing, Time to Pet is responsive to my request for new features and modifications to existing ones.


Chrisanne I.

Reigning Cats & Dogs, Inc.

Time To Pet truly cares and gets it. We wouldn’t have the growth we do without them. It absolutely wouldn’t be possible. Prospects find us typically by referral, they log on using the link, sign in, we meet and greet, our clients pay, and services commence. The structure is professional, is efficient, and is the backbone to our Pet Services Company. Time To Pet is invaluable to PETEY’S Playhouse Pet Services, LLC and this Accidental Entrepreneur.

Lisa R.jpg

Lisa R.

Petey’s Playhouse Pet Services

It is crazy to me that I even ran my business without Time To Pet! Prior to using TTP, I was tracking, invoicing and scheduling everything manually. It became so confusing and overwhelming that I literally had to make the switch. TTP has a great reputation among pet sitters so I knew that it was going to be life changing for me, and sure enough it was.

Abby W.jpg

Abby W.

Brentwood Barks

Time To Pet is a central part of managing our business. We save a lot of time every week because scheduling and managing clients has been smooth. The Time To Pet web and mobile application is a pleasure to use.

Brooke H.jpg

Brooke H.

Fuzzies Pet Care

Our clients really love the new system. I have found people booking 1-3 trips in one shot rather than one trip as the need arises. Mike and Kyle have been so excellent with customer service too!

Ann S.jpg

Ann S.

Small World Pet Sitters

Time To Pet allows me to review reports and see if any of our caregivers are facing a challenge and in need of a suggestion or to help monitor an issue with them. I love to see when my sitters have checked in to ensure they are keeping timely schedules and routes. At the end of the day, I can review all work done and go to bed feeling better about the job we do and have done for the day.

Elizabeth M.jpg

Elizabeth & Jason M.

Barking Life Pet Concierge

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Time To Pet has solved a couple issues and been a great closer in sales. The first issue it solved was providing an easy way to not have layers of communication. Because admins and sitters can all see messages from clients there is no delay from us seeing the message and then relaying it to the sitter. The other issue it solved is it has taken away some of the admin work since clients can update their own profiles so there is no need for us to spend hours importing that into the computer.


Lara and David H.

Stable Hands Pet Care and Services

Time to Pet has been an amazing change that I have made to my business. The client portal interface is so user friendly and inviting that I believe clients are booking services at twice the rate as before… Also, now that I have incorporated credit card processing through your system I have also seen a dramatic spike in sales.

Elise N.jpg

Elise N.

Bandito Pet Sitting

Time To Pet has allowed me to have a one stop shop for everything I need to best communicate with our clientele base.... Time To Pet is always adapting to remain current with the technical changes occurring in our lives and helps Must Love Fur, LLC meet the expectations of our mobile clientele.

Megan H.jpg

Megan H.

Must Love Fur

The scheduling brings me such peace of mind, especially when clients request visits through their portal. It’s wonderful to scan the request and approve it and to see everything pop right into place. The invoicing and credit card processing makes it much easier to get paid from forgetful clients

Alicia S.jpg

Alicia S.


I tried every software out there, trust me and they all required me to alter how I did business in order to work for my business. Time To Pet allowed me the freedom to run my business how I want but BETTER! I am embarrassed I didn’t sign up earlier...

Cara A.jpg

Cara A.

Active Paws

Time to Pet has given back some of the time which had been previously bogged down with administrative tasks: billing, collecting client information and revenue tracking. It’s easily saved me 10-15 hours a week...

Tony H.jpg

Tony H.

Luke DogWalker NYC

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Oh, where do I even start? I tried out a bunch of different pet sitting software programs, and Time To Pet was hands down my favorite. As a business owner, and an employer, it's so important to me that our data is secure, it's complete, and comprehensive and it's easily accessible for my staff and also for our clients. There is little room for miscommunication when you are using a pet sitting software like TTP.


Katie G.

Pets Crave Love

Time To Pet has made everything so much simpler! It has freed up a lot of time in regards to the administrative side of things and eliminated a lot of separate processes that I had to do beforehand. It has also added a whole other level of professionalism to my business and I constantly get comments and compliments about how impressed they are with the system, how easy it is to use and how great it looks!

Jessica C.jpg

Jessica C.

Zoomies Pet-Sitting

No longer are the days where throwing my computer through a window sounds more appealing than going through the grueling process of creating invoices on Microsoft Word.Now with Time To Pet, I can sit back and relax knowing that once a client schedules their own services, it’s automatically invoiced too!

David S.jpg

David S.

David’s Pet Service (DPS)

Time To Pet has been a great addition to my business! It’s made keeping track of scheduling between myself and my two employees so easy & organized. I love being able to keep track of payments, and being able to generate reports to help with accounting and administrative work! People love that they get notices in their email after the visit is completed and they love being able to pay online!

Kristin M.jpg

Kristin M.

Companionship Pet Sitting Services

Time To Pet has given my small, young company a professional and trustworthy appeal. Thanks to it’s superior host of features, we’ve never missed a visit, our clients are very happy, and I can communicate effectively with my team and my clients wherever I am using my phone. The massive amount of features and settings is balanced perfectly with an easy to use, easy to learn user interface.

Markianna J.jpg

Markianna J.

Raven Woods Pet Services

Time To Pet has helped us become more efficient, and our clients more self-sufficient. Offering clients the ability to make real-time changes to their files, and a way to communicate with our sitters via the Conversations tab, has been a real hit for our clients, sitters and office staff! Clients rave about the pictures they receive from our sitters during each visit, as it enables them to feel connected to their beloved pet even when they are away.

Penny L.jpg

Penny L.

Wiggles n Wags

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Time To Pet has allowed me to track everything more efficiently. Everyone can see their schedules and invoices, clients can schedule themselves, converse with the walkers, pay their invoices, leave feedback and much more. I also love the reporting section and the useful information when forecasting future months and tax information.


Latoya B.

Happy Panters

My business is very admin-heavy and Time To Pet has helped massively with that. Previously I was typing up each individual invoice for every client, and it was SO time consuming. I also love how it automatically works out how much I have to pay my staff at the end of the week, and then itemizes their payslips so they know exactly what they’re being paid for.

Simone R.jpg

Simone R.

Blacktown Area Pet Sitting!

Time To Pet has made scheduling and communicating with our clients seamless!! Emails get sent to team members on a daily basis, and the app which has a check in and check out feature with GPS tracking ensures clients that team members are at their homes in the timeframes allotted and for the amount of time they are paying for. Messages instantly notify clients with how the visits went and includes pictures as well, which clients love!

Jackie B.jpg

Jackie B.

Wag 4 Walks

Time To Pet has made our daily tasks SO much smoother! It truly ties everyone in together: office, sitters, and clients. We are ALWAYS in the loop, and sitters are always able to see real-time changes and updates. It has all but eliminated the chance of a visit being missed!

Beth G and Pam A.jpg

Beth G. & Pam A.

All Friends Pet Care

The adventure of starting your own business can be intimidating and overwhelming. I researched pet sitting software prior to opening my company to see how feasible it would be. When I heard about Time to Pet from a friend, I knew running my own company would be something that I could do. TTP makes it so that the things I dreaded having to figure out manually were actually very easy, as it does most of it for you!

Kelly R.jpg

Kelly R.

Paw Love Dog Services, LLC

We switched to Time To Pet late last summer, and I wish I would have made the change sooner. My employees love it because it’s gives them more freedom, no one likes someone constantly checking in on them right?! My clients have made several comments since we switched last year, how much they LOVE the scheduling feature and the email updates. I even have a review all about the scheduling system!

Alysha R.jpg

Alysha R.

Preferred Pet Sitter

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We are streamlined, organized and better than ever. Prior to Time To Pet, my client info sheets were handwritten and stored in a binder that was falling apart (keep in mind I did begin when I was only twelve!) I was the only one who had access to the important client info sheets, which became inconvenient as I expanded and hired more employees. I wanted a way to make information readily available to all of my team members, and TTP was the perfect solution.

Chelsea H.jpg

Chelsea H.

Chelsea's Critter Care

Time to Pet has been a HUGE time saver for me especially in the scheduling and invoicing areas. I used to have a tedious, two-step process of putting pet visits on my calendar and then having to manually create an invoice to reflect those visits. TTP not only saves me time by automatically creating my invoices directly from the scheduler, but also ensures that there are no missed visits!

Allison O.jpg

Allison O.

AlleyCat’s Pet Service

Before Time to Pet, I managed all of my pet client scheduling and invoicing manually. It was a nightmare. I honestly don't know how I kept everything straight without disaster! Time to Pet took my business to the next level. Several of my clients even stated how professional I am. Time to Pet makes me look good!


Janet R.

Dr. J’s Pet Services

Time To Pet has saved me so much time with scheduling and invoicing. I used to spend hours writing paper invoices and receipts. My clients also absolutely love it. They love being able to get the updates and manage their end of things with just a few clicks. I've gotten so many glowing reviews about it.


Stephanie N.

On Paws Professional Pet Services

Time To Pet offers me the ability to white label an app for a really decent price per month. My clients love having the option to schedule services and chat with us through the app. I like being able to check on my employees and where they are and see how the visit went with the report. I like that TTP has both an online and app interface so that my clients are comfortable no matter their age or skill when they utilize their pet portal account.


Susan K.

BeLoved Pet Sitting

An unexpected surprise switching to TTP is the increased referrals. Being able to gain the trust of a fearful cat and send the client "selfies" via Time to Pet is such an integral part of the success of my business. I have found that the more communication with the client, the more trustworthy you become and they are more apt to refer you to their friends. It's been incredible to watch the growth.


Martie A.

Lake Wylie Pet Sitting

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Time to Pet has helped me in so many ways but most of all in saving my time which is extremely valuable. Not having to generate invoices on my own and to have everything as visible and clear as it is in the scheduler really makes things run smoothly.


Marc C.

High 5 Pet Care

Time To Pet has been the backbone of my pet sitting business. It is how I stay organized and operate on a daily basis. Time To Pet allows me to accomplish all the tasks and thoughts I have, day in and day out with ease. Utilizing a program that is reliable and continuously updating makes my job easier and more enjoyable.


Meghan B.

Pet Sitting 4 Paws

Time To Pet has really been life changing for me. The staff and client interfaces are intuitive and inviting. I can relax more with the messaging and GPS tracking features as I never have to wonder what's going on out there. The entire system saves so much time and is easy to use.


Julie F.

The Pet Sitter, LLC!

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